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About TOBPL:

Here in Jackson, A Legend Continues!  We hope you can find a spinner bait, buzz bait or a special lure for your fishing needs. The Original Billy Phillips Lures is focused on providing quality service and products for our customers. Since the late 1950's, when Billy himself started making handcrafted lures in his mother's garage in Jackson, Tennessee.  He went to public sales in 1967 and we're still going today more than 55 years later. Billy's legacy lives on, and we will continue making the lures just as he did for many years to come. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations in giving you the customer a choice in blades and colors. With a variety of options to choose from, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Look around our website and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or thru Facebook. Check back soon for lure updates and pictures to be added to our website. Thank you, for your business!


A few of our "Legendary Lures"



The Double Whammy spinner was created by Billy in the late 1950's and helped him win many tournaments over his career. A small compact spinner with a big catch ratio, very weedless and is a true "GO-To" Lure!

Go-Go Girl Spinnerbaits have carried a many tournaments wins thru the years. Small compact design makes it very productive when limits are needed. Comes in four sizes. Every boat shouls have a few Go-Go Girls on board!

Round Head Go-Go Girl 

Go-Go Girl Spinnerbaits have carried many tournaments wins thru the years. Small compact design makes it very productive when limits are needed. Comes in four sizes. Every boat should have a few Go-Go Girls on board! Available in 1/4,3/8, 1/2 & 3/4 oz.



The Buzz Jewel started as the Tennessee Thrasher buzz bait. In the late 60's early 70's Bill developed the blade and style shown here, to create a very slow all metal, buzz bait. To this day is still the favorite of many!

Billy's Buzz Devil

Billy's Buzz Devil is a must for Doodle-Pole fishing. It can be moved across the surface with ease on a long pole with about a 3-4 ft leader. When the fish explodes on it, you best have a good hold on the pole. Fun and exciting to say the least, better get started long pole fishing when the bite is slow.


Little Jewel 

A Little Jewel it is, this lure along with the Buzz Jewel, help Billy qualify for a few BASS Masters Classics as well as numerous Tennessee State Championships, made of all metal frame, it is the slowest retrievable spinner bait you'll ever tie on your line! 


Sweet-Sue Jig

Sweet-Sue Jig was named after Ms. Sue, Billy's wonderful wife. The jig is very weedless and fishes like most swim jigs, With the Colorado blade it has vibration and flash to attract the bass from the heaviest cover. It's another great lure from TOBPL.. Get you a few and get to catching those fish buried up in the structure. 

TOBPL carries wide variety of Old School Flat Rubber Skirts and Bio-Flex Skirts (they look and perform just like the OS Rubber) See the store for the list of colors.

We have banded silicone skirts as well in a variety of colors for your jigs and spinnerbaits as well. 

John S7 Pics 10-29-17 063_edited.jpg

The Original Billy Phillips Lures of Jackson, Tennessee. Maker of the TM Little Jewel, Tm Go-Go-Girl, TM Buzz Jewel, Sweet-Sue, TM Go-Daddy Buzzer, TM Double Whammy, Chatter Whammy, Sassy-Gal, TM Buzz-Whammy, TM Buzz-Devil, TM Tiny-Jewel, Tennessee Thrasher, are all trade-mark items of The Original Billy Phillips Lures, which is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. John McBride of Jackson, Tennessee. No reproduction of The Original Billy Phillips Lures shall be conducted without written and notarized consent of it's owners. 02/13/2013 TOBPL-670813-MJT/67023.JM

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